Welcome to Safe Travel 4 Women

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Welcome to the leading interactive website  dedicated to maximising the safety of female travellers. We aim to provide a comprehensive list of female-friendly accommodation, holidays and transport companies which we have identified as sharing our ethos of prioritising women’s needs, comfort … Continued

Is Colombia Safe for Women?

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Every time I mention to my friends that I have just returned from Colombia, the first thing they ask is whether it safe in general and for women. Obviously Colombia ha a negative reputation for drugs, violence and internal conflicts … Continued

Weekend in North West England

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This summer I was invited to visit a childhood friend who has been living in the North West of England. For those not familiar with this, the area includes major cities such as Liverpool and Manchester. My journey consisted of … Continued

Top US Destinations 2015 for Women

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Tucson, Arizona Whilst Tucson is extremely hot in the summer, with average temps of 100 or higher. At the start of May, snowbirds flock home to cooler climates, and thirty thousand undergraduates head home. In this period it is a peaceful … Continued

Traveling to Cuba

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  With the recent news that the USA are now on good terms with Cuba, we felt it was important to visit the country before this great historic place changes to a full-on tourist destination. Whilst we enjoy places that … Continued

Transport Women Friendly

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Want A Female Friendly Taxi? Lady Mini Cabs Archway, London N19 and surrounding areas. Airport drop offs and collections available. Female drivers. Female Friendly Transport Great London Cars Great London Cars is a modern minicab company servicing North and North … Continued

Travel Tips for Women

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Travel Tips Don’t reveal your holiday plans on social networking sites.  Criminals may target these sites for their next victims. In foreign countries do not display and flaunt too much jewellery. Always be aware of your surroundings and the people. … Continued

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